Weekly Specials

January 11th - January 17th

Kids are back to school and everyone is back to work. We hope your first week back was a great one. Come see all the great produce that is on special down at the market this weekend!

Blackberries.                       6oz.                                                3/$1.00

Red Seedless Grapes.                                                               $.47/lb

Zucchini Squash.                                                                       $.39/lb

Bartlett and Bosc Pears.                                                           3 lbs/.99

Cucumbers.                                                                                4/$1.00

Honey Crisp  Apples.                                                                  $.99/lb

Haas Avocadoes.                                                                       2/$1.00

Lemons.                                                                                      4/$1.00

Orange Bell Peppers.                                                                2/$1.00

Asian Pears.                                                                                3/$.99

Yellow Squash.                                                                           $.39/lb              

D’Anjou Pears                                                                              3 lbs/.99

Comice Pears 3 lbs/$.99

Cranberries                              12 oz Bag.                                  3/$.99

Jumbo Yellow Onions                                                                 $.39/lb

Artichokes.                                                                                   2/$1.00

Pineapples.                                                                                   $.99 each

Spaghetti Squash                                                               $.49/lb

Local Navel Oranges       

Local Grapefruit

    ***While Supplies Last***

Local Honey

Local Bread & Tortillas

Local Salsa & Hot Sauces

While Supplies Last.