Weekly Specials

December 14th - December 20th

The Holiday Rush is upon us. Have you ordered your Tamales for the big day yet? If not we have got you covered. We are taking pre-orders thru 12-18-18. Which will be delivered by 12-22-18. To order your tamales call us at 480-497-0706. Also check out all the great things we have on special to get you ready for the holidays.

Bosc Pears.                               3lb Bag.                                        .99 each

Romaine Lettuce.                                                                            2 heads/ $1.00

Mangoes.                                                                                         2/$1.00

Red Seedless Grapes.                                                                    $.69/lb

Yellow Squash.                                                                                $.39/lb

Cucumbers.                                                                                     4/$1.00

Red Cherries                                                                                    $2.99/lb

Green Onions.                                                                                  2/$1.00

Asian Pears.                                                                                      2/$1.00

 Pickling Cucumbers.                                                                       $.69/lb

Sweet Cantaloupes.                                                                         $.99 each

Honeydew Melons.                                                                          $ .99 each

Sweet Corn.                                                                                       2/$1.00

Lucy Glo Apples.                 (Sampling  Saturday).                        $.99/lb

Haas Avocadoes                                                                               2/$1.00

Fresh Brussels Sprouts                                                                    $.99/lb

Smitten Apples.                                                                                 $.99/lb

    ***While Supplies Last***

LOCAL Gift Ideas

Cerretta’s Candy

Cactus Candy, Jellies, Salsa

Local Honey

Local Bread & Tortillas

Local Salsa & Hot Sauces

While Supplies Last.