Produce and Gifts 

We strive hard to to exceed your expectations from the freshest produce and cleanest stores to the best customer service. We are constantly reinventing our commitment to you and look forward to seeing you at one of our two valley locations. You can find us a4011 S Power Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212


Local Gifts

We havemany talented local mom and pops who supply us with Jams, Jellies,Salsas, Hot Sauces, BBQ Sauces and Candies. Incredible quality and selections for your unique gift giving needs. 


Local Honey

Local Honey does help with your allergy suffering. The most common question is which honey will help me today? Our advice is to start the honey four to six weeks prior to the seasons listed below to build your tolerance, this will greatly reduce your suffering. If you are suffering take the honey from the season your in twice a day, a tablespoon in the morning and one in the evening.



Fresh Produce 

We have 50 years of relationships with farmers and local vendors who provide us with the ability to supply our customers with the freshest quality at the best value.



More About Honey 

Citrus Blooms in February and March, Mesquite ( Also Palo Verdes, ect. ) BloomMay thru September( They can bloom up to 5 times in a year ), Alfalfa / Clover Late May thru December, Wildflower This is the best all purpose honey due to all the varieties of pollen, it has some of each of the seasons .

Come and compare how much you can get for your dollar at Power Road Farmers Market.