Weekly Specials

June/15th - June 21st

Today is the first day of Monsoon Season.  What is your favorite part of Monsoon Season.  Our favorite part is all the summer produce.  Come check out all the great things that are on special at the market this week!

Fresh Cherries                              $.99/lb

Organic Kale                                  2/$1.00

Local Seedless Watermelon        2/$5.00

Granny Smith Apples                  $ .69/lb

Hot House Tomatoes                  $ .89/lb

Sweet Apricots                             $.69/lb

Fresh Blueberries      6 oz.           2/$1.50

Fresh Strawberries    1 lb.           2/$1.50

Local Carrots              2 lb Bag    3/$1.00

Local Seeded Watermelon          $4.99 each

Rainier Cherries                            $3.99/lb

Local Golden Honeydew             $.99 each

Zucchini Squash                          2 lbs/$1.00

Russet Potatoes                          4 lbs/$1.00

Acorn Squash                              4 lbs/$1.00

Spaghetti Squash                      $ .49/lb

Red Onions                                  4 lbs/$1.00


****LOCAL CORN****

***While Supplies Last***

Local Honey

Local Bread & Tortillas

Local Salsa & Hot Sauces

While Supplies Last.